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Turning Small Trips Into Big Experiences

Turning Small Trips Into Big Experiences

We scroll through social media and see our friends and families posting photos of their great adventures. From Cancun to Santorini, we can sometimes grow jealous of other people’s amazing adventures. However, you don’t have to leave your country or even go out of town to have a great time. A new chance at adventure is just a short drive away from your front yard! Here’s how to explore new places and experience big!


Drive to a Nearby City!

Sometimes we underestimate the beauty of simplicity. Although that small town you along your way home may seem boring, you may find that they have a certain charm to them. There maybe an adorable down-town area to walk through or a charming local coffee shop that makes the perfect cup of warmth!


Talk to Locals!

When you were a kid, you were told never to talk to strangers and kept it to heart. What they probably didn’t add as you got older and wiser is that locals can also tell you the secrets of the land around you. They know that the best barbecue place is the hole in the wall you never noticed before, or that their favorite place to hike is just a few blocks away. There’s a lot of knowledge to be found in the people you don’t talk to!


Find a Museum!