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From Wall Street To Solo Traveling the World – Kesi Irvin

From Wall Street To Solo Traveling the World – Kesi Irvin

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Tell me a little bit about yourself: What do you do for a living?

My name is Kesi, the blogger behind www.kesitoandfro.com, and I quit my job on Wall Street and have been backpacking around the world solo for 5+ years.

Solo Travel: What do these two words mean to you?

Solo Travel means the ultimate freedom because you are in full control of what you want to do, where you want to go, and how long you want to stay somewhere.

What inspired you to take your first solo trip?

I traveled solo the first time after graduating from University. I originally went on a backpacking trip to SE Asia with two friends for 5 weeks, and when I returned home, I still had a month before I started my full-time job. I met many Europeans on my SE Asia trip, so I  decided to book a solo trip to Europe for 3 weeks, visiting different people I met.

Favorite International Meal?

My favorite International meal was in Lamu Island, Kenya because a local fisherman decided to cook an entire seafood feast for free because I gave his friend a waterproof phone case. There were crabs, calamari, fish, and more, and the food was made with a lot of love and extremely fresh.

What is the most memorable moment you had with a traveler or local?

The most memorable moment I’ve had with a local is when I met a potato farmer in Peru who showed me the Rainbow Mountains. In 2015 no one knew about the Rainbow Mountains and there were no tours, yet I was still determined to find them. I took local buses until I arrived in a small village and found a potato farmer who knew where the mountains were. It was too late to trek that day, so he offered me to sleep in his shack, and we could hike the following morning. He never asked for money and guided me to the mountains the next day. The farmer and I were the same age but lived completely different lives. He had never heard of New York City before, he was married with a child, and he spent most of his days farming.  Whereas, I was a single, solo girl making an around the world trip.

“Solo Travel means the ultimate freedom because you are in full control of what you want to do

What is biggest risk you have ever taken on a trip?

The biggest risk I’ve taken was when I was in a small hill village in Vietnam and agreed to their typical meal without knowing what it was. I shared the same spoon that the whole family used and ended up eating sour rice seasoned with dried rat. The rat was actually good!

What inspires you to travel more alone?

Traveling alone allows for the most adventures because you don’t need a plan and can easily go with the flow and see where the journey takes you.

What advice might you give people afraid of being on their own or thinking of taking their first solo trip?

Book that first solo trip because there are many ways to meet people while traveling, whether you decide to stay in a hostel, go on a walking tour, or start a conversation with a stranger in a bar.

You can check out Kesi’ many solo travel trips on Instagram @kesitoandfro.

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