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Live Your Life Without Permission Traveling Alone – Nataliya Makulova

Live Your Life Without Permission Traveling Alone – Nataliya Makulova

Nataliya Makulova is the Founder of Balanced Fashion, a Fashion Tech Consulting Agency providing strategic advice on business and technology development for fashion brands and fashion tech startups.

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When you hear traveling + alone what some things that come to mind?

Freedom! You do not need anyone’s permission to: do whatever you want, to be completely independent, to make decisions on your own and to be responsible for those decisions. There are some negative things, like if I did not like the food I ordered or how long it took me to get to one place, ending up in another city. It is funny that I always get lost in the cities I tend to go to. Taking responsibility for everything that you do and not blaming it on anyone else taught me so much.

How did you feel conquering your first trip alone & what inspired you to continue?

It was wonderful, enjoyed every moment of it. It did feel lonely in the evenings, but made plans around that time to make sure I am not spending too much time in hotels. Going out was dependent on how I felt & wanted, so it felt natural.

I know you to be a risk taker. What is the biggest risk you have ever taken, either it be personal, professional or even both?

To make decisions that are monetary that seem inadequate but they end up paying off. I spend a lot of money on travel; my money mostly goes into both rent and travel. So monetary risk, as I do not get paid for the workdays I miss but I just did it. I was able to do consulting on the side to be to pay for the trip to Spain, Portugal & Russia. Things flow once you allow it. To me risk is “Yes, I am doing it now but I know it is going to be okay”

So you look at travel, as an investment?

Yes exactly. I believe more in the experiences than day-to-day life that personally makes me feel stuck. My intuition tells me to travel three, four, five times a year in order to keep myself excited and alive, to feel alive. To me, I am actually afraid of flying!


“You are in control of your life without permission from your mother, job, boyfriend or girlfriend, from your friend. You are the only one; It is how life should be”


You are seriously afraid to fly? No way!

Yes way!

Any scary moments while abroad traveling by yourself?

It is funny, well it was not a planned solo trip. When I moved to the United States about eight years ago, my family planned a cruise with me boarding in Miami and I forget a crucial document allowing me to re-enter the country. They would have allowed me to pass but coming back without it was not guaranteed. I ended up staying in Miami and had a family friend to send the document, which takes about two to three days to receive and stayed there for about two and a half days. Considering it was a 10 day cruise, I had time to meet them in Jamaica. I bought a standby ticket and got in at the last moment. It was the scariest flight of my life, it was rainy & shaky and had to wait very long for my suitcase!

Getting a taxi was really creepy as there was just only one guy. He asked me if I wanted to smoke right away, considering I was visiting Jamaica. I declined & then he asked if I was okay if he stopped at his place to pick up his girlfriend, which was weird.

When he asked you this how did you feel?

Very scared!

What was your next step?

I am a very intuitive person, which helps me to get a feel of someone where I trust the person. I said “Ok, as long as you get me to where I need to go”. He picked up his girlfriend, they were really friendly people. The driving was bad though, you could tell the driver was stoned. I was holding on the car bar since the car kept shaking.

I knew deep down it was going to be okay, as I visualized myself ultimately being on the ship. I was very happy I got through the journey, it was about a two hour drive & it was raining like crazy. He would always try to speed up & would always end up on the left side (of the road), pretty scary! It was awful but at the same time we talked. When I started asking them about life, it was really this communication that kept me going and not completely freak out!

What inspires to you to travel by yourself more?

Traveling with other people! (laughing)

(laughing) Have you ever inspired others to travel by themselves?

I need to do that more. Hopefully I do it more. Hopefully through this interview I can! You are in control of your life without permission from your mother, job, boyfriend, girlfriend, from your friend. You are the only one; It is how life should be, once you are in a relationship it is going to be harder to be that kind of free person. Once you have a child or family, it is going to be a different story as you will have limited chances to travel more.

What advice might you give women afraid of traveling alone or looking to do so for the first time?

First, the fear is a concept — it is perspective, it is a perception even. If you learn to see your fear as part of your own feelings in your life, like feeling cold or feeling fear or feeling love or feeling uncomfortable you will be good. They are all part of your feelings — It is either nothing more nor nothing less.

Fear stops you from doing things, so if you notice the fear in you in little situations in life you will be fine. For instance you may be skeptical to come back home late in fear of being attacked, even though there is always a chance it could happen. One day you are going to come home and it will be fine and one day it might be bad. If these thoughts stop you from living your life to its fullest potential that is just sad. Your life is not going to be as fulfilling.

Say 20 years down the road, what title would you give your travel story book using only three words? Similar to ‘Eat. Pray. Love’

Love. Inspiration. Action.

Thanks for reading!

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