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9 Reasons Why Solo Traveling in 2020 Will Change Your Life

9 Reasons Why Solo Traveling in 2020 Will Change Your Life

This is going to be the best thing you do for yourself in 2020.

Do whatever you want

Your time during your solo travel is yours to use however you want to use it.

Meet New Friends

You will meet people who you can open up to and be yourself, if you are open to it. You’ll create great memories with new friends.

Only worry about satisfying yourself 

While it is noble to make sure others are having fun, sometimes we forget to have fun ourselves. This is the perfect opportunity to be selfish and to focus on YOU.

Get out your comfort zone

Similar to meeting strangers, you’ll find yourself trying new things like paragliding or hiking up a mountain on your solo trip.

Eat whatever you want

Do you ever find yourself spending half an hour figuring out where to go to eat? You don’t truly realize how long it takes to make plans until you don’t have to anymore; solo traveling teaches you this. You can literally eat anything you want at any time of the day.

Spend as much money as you want

We all have our own budgets while others want to spend as much as they want without compromising. Now you can, by traveling solo. You’ll never have to feel bad or worry if your travel partner can also afford things you want. It is nice to spend money on what excites you.

Learn something new about yourself

Life lessons can come either way, whether they’re good, bad, or in between. Either way, it is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and improve from this point on. You’ll learn things you didn’t know you liked and things you forgot you loved doing while solo traveling.

Your new experiences last a lifetime

You’ll thank us later. No matter what you have experienced in your adventure, you’ll be able to reflect on the good, the bad, and the lessons learned from them. You’ll be proud of the risk you took solo while traveling and how strong you are as a person.

Being comfortable being alone

Where to start? You’ll realize solo traveling does not mean you don’t have friends or family to travel with, it means you took the courage to live the life you wanted. Once you solo travel for the first time, you will understand how much more confident you become and how more open you are to new experiences and the people around you.


Make the decision to solo travel in 2020 today!

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By Chizoba Anyaoha

What travel type are you? Tag us on IG @travsolo on your solo adventure.

Exploring the World on My Terms – DeAnna Taylor

TravSolo aims to inspire through authentic storytelling, by sharing real travel experiences

Tell me a little bit about yourself: What do you do for a living?

I’m DeAnna, a criminal defense attorney who now works as a freelance writer. While I’m technically still a licensed attorney, writing is my current love. I write for Travel Noire, CharlotteFive, and I’ve done a few pieces for XONecole and even Medium.

Solo Travel: What do these two words mean to you?

To me, solo travel means freedom. It means letting go of anything that holds you back and simply living. It also means courage to step into the unknown.

What inspired you to take your first solo trip?

My first solo international trip was to Cuba in early 2017. It was on my bucket list before the restrictions got too crazy and I didn’t really have any friends that could go when I wanted to. So, I made the decision to do it on my own. Best decision ever. I read tons of blogs befor hand to get a feel of what to expect and how to prepare. Luckily they were all very accurate and to this day Cuba is still my favorite destination.

When I’m alone I can truly take in the sights and sounds of a place in my own way.

Favorite International Meal?

Hmmm that’s a tough one. I would have to say the pad thai in the streets of Khao San Road in Bangkok. You can get a plate for less than a dollar and cooked to order at a tiny little street cart. It’s delicious.

What was the most memorable and/or let down travel experience you have while traveling?

I think my biggest let down happened recently in Amsterdam. I was solo and I ended up booking an Airbnb out in the suburbs to save money. But, I didn’t do my research on transportation prior to and I ended up wasting/spending so much money on trains and buses to get into central Amsterdam during my short stay. Next time I will just spend the money to stay in a more central area.

What is the most memorable moment you had with a traveler or local?

One of my most memorable experiences was riding the train in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was heading to see the Batu Caves and I heard the girl next to me listening to my church’s worship CD. She was a local and I was amazed that my church’s music had reached so far across the world. We struck up a conversation and she was amazed that I go to attend Elevation Church in person.

What is biggest risk you have ever taken on a trip?

That would definitely be in Cuba. I randomly met two young Cuban guys and they asked me to come hang out with them. They didn’t speak much English and my Spanish is only intermediate. Also, the wifi in Cuba is very limited. Yet, something about them didn’t make me feel afraid so I actually hung out with them and had an amazing time. We went to this random rooftop spot where they taught me how to dance salsa.

What inspires you to travel more alone?

I enjoy the ability to move at my own pace and explore on my terms. I’m somewhat of an introvert so I need time alone to recharge and operate and my highest level. When I’m on group trips sometimes I start to get really agitated and I shut down. When I’m alone I can truly take in the sights and sounds of a place in my own way. This helps me to appreciate the trip even more.

What advice might you give people afraid of being on their own or thinking of taking their first solo trip?

My advice is to do your research on your destination prior to going. Have a general idea of things you want to do and see and then try to stay in an area that’s close by to the majority of them. Also, don’t count out the locals. Sometimes they give the best recommendations.

If you were writing a book about personal solo travel story, what three words would you use for the title? (Similar to Eat. Pray. Love)

Release (your fears) Grow (as a person). Enjoy (the freedom and time alone).

You can check out DeAnna’s many solo travel trips on Instagram @brokeandabroadlife.

Thanks for reading!

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By Chizoba Anyaoha

What travel type are you? Tag us on IG @travsolo on your solo adventure.