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Planning App for Solo Travelers

Build your itinerary on-the-go, meet people while feeling safe and have a story to bring back home.

So…you finally got tired of waiting for family and friends to travel with

As the pandemic has taught us all, life is too short to wait for others to live your life your way. 2020 showed us how important it is to live the life you have always wanted and to no longer make excuses. Lets show you how it works

Choose Your Interests

Easily plan your trips in 3 minutes, significantly cutting planning time down by 99.8%. You’re ready to be on your way

Meet People While Feeling Safe

As a woman, been seen by only other women. Allow your loved ones to follow you in real-time. Hang out with people while following social distance guidelines. Verify each person after every meet for a more safer community.

Have a Story to Bring Back Home

Enjoy your vacay getaway in the moment, you deserve a break from social media and it's many distractions. Get your story video to share post-trip.

Solo Travel in Different Ways

  • Solo Road Trip

    We’ve been stuck in the house for too long, you deserve a break. Vroom Vroom! You’re off on the road.

  • Digital Nomads

    Travel the world while working and hopping from one city to the next.

  • Staycations + Nature Travel

    Discover a town in your city you’ve only heard about but even seen or a community you have always wanted to experience. Switch things up a bit for your peace of mind. Go on the unbeaten path and try out a new trail.

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