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Whether you're looking to go on your very first solo trip for 2021, going on your very first road trip, a traveling digital nomad, naturing traveling, or going on a staycation we welcome you to the #1 top-rated solo travel app in like...the entire universe.

We want you all to travel freely and safely while having fun creating your itinerary-turnt video stories - to share with your loved ones and maybe inspire them to solo travel.

Tired of waiting for others to travel with?
Worried about being alone? Want to bring
back home a story to tell?

Travel more, even if you have to start alone.

Re-located to another city for a job or just
a fresh start? Feeling lonely and looking
for new friends?

Meet new people, explore new restaurants and cafes and
create long-standing memories together!

Looking to start a travel blog or just
looking for an easier way to do it?

Turning every traveler into a storyteller!

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