Everyone has a travel story to tell,
we help you create it & bring it back

Tired of waiting for others to travel with? Worried about being alone? Want to bring back home a story to tell?

We provide the tools to help you travel more, even alone. 

Re-located to another city for a job or just a fresh start? Feeling lonely and looking for new friends?

Meet new people, explore new restaurants and cafes and create long-standing memories together!

Looking to start a travel blog or just looking for an easier way to do it? 

We help turn every traveler into a storyteller! 


  • Glad you asked! A storyline is a combination of a personalized itinerary and a content generation tool, providing you instant recommendations on the fly and the ability to add your personal content – all without the need to login into social media during your travels.
  • All you have to do is answer a series of questions and you’re ready to experience everything in full – created just for you!
  • Allowing someone to follow your storyline is another part of our safety commitment. It allows your friends and loved ones, especially the extremely concerned ones (wink), to know your whereabouts throughout the day. Aren’t you tired of getting group messages asking where you are or what you are doing now? This features does the work for you, allowing to focus more on your trip.
  • It is automatically created when you end your storyline. Give our app time to generate your story video, so PPP – please practice patience . When done you will be able to watch everything you did on your trip. Feel free to share your travel story video directly with loved ones or on social media. You’re welcome!
  • Absolutely up to you! We created this platform for travelers to get the full travel experience without feeling the need to have to meet people and feeling you’ll miss out if you don’t. Stay true to yourself and do what you feel like doing. We just provide you the tools to make your own chooses along the way!
  • It is a rating system for users to be more comfortable in making a decision, on who or who not to talk with or to meet in-person. This is a big part of our safety commitment to personal travel safety. Our community is all about making sure we hold each other accountable and to keep it as safe and fun as possible.

Travelers have the option to create their own community, by going to Profile —> Settings —> Discovery —> Interested in Meeting. Choose who sees you and who you see.  

It is to make sure whoever you interact with is a real person. This way we keep our community safer. Those who falsely represent themselves will be banned from interacting with your community. 

  • Dealing with social media while traveling can be a hassle – spending a great deal of time filtering one picture after another, having the urge to scroll down your feed, checking how many likes or comments you got – only to start the process again for a new post. Aren’t your thumbs tired already?
  • We also realized there are tons of travelers who have deleted their social media for the sake of their own sanity or simply choose to experience their trips in full, without distractions.
  • With TravSolo, you’ll always have a story to share seamlessly with friends and loved ones  – as your story video is easily sharable directly or through social media. All we ask for you to be completely in the moment and enjoy the trip you used your hard-earned money to pay for.
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